Time to get out of the house with your little one?

If you live in west-end Toronto, you’re in luck.

About Where To Go Kiddo

I am a west-end Toronto mom named Emily, and I made Where To Go Kiddo just because I wanted to use it. I spent so much of my first mat leave searching and deciphering individual drop-in calendars, I desperately wanted someone to just round them all up and organize them in a logical way. So in preparation for my second mat leave, that’s what I did.

It turned out, a lot of other west-end parents liked using it too. As the numbers grew, I turned the site into an app for a while, but then I turned it back to a website – just because it’s simpler that way. I love that Where To Go Kiddo has helped SO many parents find and fall in love with the amazing drop-ins our city has to offer, and I’ll do my best to keep it running for as long as I can/it’s needed.

This site includes all the EarlyON and library-run drop-ins in the west end only (i.e. Bathurst to St. Clair to the Humber River). Drop-ins are welcoming, inclusive and child-friendly places where parents and caregivers can bring babies and young children to play, hang out and meet other families. No pre-registration is required; show up and leave anytime during drop-in hours. Every drop-in listed in this site is free to use.

About BabyGrand.TO

There are SO MANY incredible classes in the west end for people on parental leave to do with their babies in tow: yoga, fitness, music, dance, even rock climbing classes where the babies just chill (in theory, I guess) on a blanket below.

However with all these options, it’s really time consuming (and annoying) to dig through all the different websites to eventually find the ones nearby, on the right days, that are open for registration.

So, as an experiment, I tried rounding them all up into one big, beautiful list – including each class’ days of the week and neighbourhood. And it really is a beautiful thing. As sign-up dates pass, it can only be up to date for a short time, so I’m sharing it by email instead of as a website.

If you have a baby 0-18 months old in the west end (i.e. within Bathurst to St. Clair to the Humber River), sign up at BabyGrand.TO and I’ll send it to you. If enough people like the list, I will update it a few times per year and notify you when I do.

I promise I won’t ever share your email or spam you. I’m just trying to get a really, really good list from me to you.


If anything in this site looks wrong or is missing, please let me know ASAP! And if this stuff has been helpful to you, please let me know that too. Email me at emily@wheretogokiddo.com.